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All Star Events blazing the way for ALL Talent and Models to learn and grow from those who have been there. Linking talent and models with photographers, agents, producers etc. You will want to be a part of a network that can help you attain your diamonds and stars!



Evangelina American Model

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Airianna            Child Model

A Modern take to Performing Arts.  A place where the best trained and the inexperienced come together for further training, initial training, opportunities to be seen and learn from the best. 

Those who compete can get a custom made routine just for your and level of expertise.

Whether a model, dancer, band, influencer or someone who wants to improve themselves or gain self confidence This Is All Stars is that place. 

Not only training being readily available. Also,  Contests, Pageants, Live Events to attend in person, Live On-Line Events and Pre-Recorded Events. 

Learn from those in the industry you hope to pursue. 

Best is no matter what level you are with training or no training at all we can help you. There is no experience required. You too could be discovered right here, at This Is All Stars. 

How does it work? Those who have a membership depending on the level you choose ( pricing for all budgets) as a Talent or Model, your portfolio and bio will be placed in a members only page for agents, directors, photographers, producers, music producers, A&R Agents, Model Agents and Managers and more to find you.

The Professionals sign up for a membership so they can access the talent needed for Fashion Shows, Variety shows, Corporate events and so much more.  

Never before in the history of our World has it been so possible to gain fame as this in this time and we are going to help you.

On-Line Courses, PDF How to Books, and Live Zoom Training by Industry  Leaders, Pro's and those in the know. 

Anyone wanting to level up their notoriety will want to be with "This Is All Stars". 

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