This Is - All Star Pageant Events

Global, World & National All Stars

All Star Pioneered the World, Global, America Stars Pageant Events Awarding a Gorgeous All-Star Crown. These Virtual Events are all Awarded by On-line Virtual Events. All World, Global and National Titles are $295.99 and may be paid $148.00 down and the remaining balance within 30 days!  Payments due immediately upon receipt of Invoice.

Those who become a World, Global or National All Star exude some type of performing arts skill, modeling skill, or both. The benefit of the All Star titles is you will be included in Live On-Line Events, Pre-Recorded Events, Live Events and receive any opportunity acquired by This Is All Stars. 

Be sure to read about State All Star Titles and Shooting Stars Diamond Crown Events below. 


Global All Star Little Miss Airianna Florida

Global All Star Jr. Miss Bayleanne New Jersey

Global All Star Pre-Teen Elizabeth New York

Global All Star Jr. Teen Mya Tennessee

Global All Star Teen Andrea Virginia

Global All Star Miss Valeria New Mexico

Global All Star Ms. Annette Pennsylvania

Global All Star Mrs. Jasmine Alaska

Global All Star Classic Ms. Evangelina New Mexico

Worlds All Star Ms. Michelle Oklahoma

International All Star Pre-Teen Meah Pennsylvania

International All Star Miss Brittney North Carolina

International All Star Mrs. Dorinda Oklahoma

International All Star Ms. Molly Georgia

International All Star Classic Ms. Dawn

Miss America All Star Pre-Teen Annaclaire Tennessee

Miss America All Star Jr. Teen Emma Tennessee

Miss America All Star Teen Chalan Tennessee

Miss America All Star Ms. Tasha Florida

Miss America All Star Mrs. Kristina Washington

Miss America All Star Classic Ms. Cindy Indiana

Still Available:

Worlds All Star Little Miss 4-6

Worlds All Star Jr. Miss 7-9

Worlds All Star Pre-Teen 10-12

Worlds All Star Jr. Teen 13-15

Worlds All Star  Teen 16-18

Worlds All Star Miss 19-27

Worlds All Star Mrs. 21-49

Worlds All Star Classic Ms. 50-70

Worlds All Star Elite Ms. 71 & up

International All Star Little Miss 4-6

International All Star Jr. Miss Age 7-9

International All Star Jr. Teen 13-15

Miss America All Star Little Miss 4-6

Miss America All Star Jr. Miss 7-9

Miss America All Star Miss 19-27

The World, Global and National Crown


America (Your State) All-Star

American All Star Pageant State Events. State Titles for the 2022 are awarded based on an On-line Application process. (Application Below). If Awarded the winner of  All Star State Titles the title fee is  $195.99  or may pay $98.00 if awarded your state and the the remaining balance within 30 days. All Star State Titles are only available to those living in America.  State Titles will be Americas Ohio All Star  Americas Minnesota All Star etc. Payments due immediately upon receipt of Invoice. 

The All Star State Crown


Universe, Galactic and Celestial
 All-Stars Event: Diamond 

Natural talent is so rare it takes years to develop like a diamond the brightest of all the jewels.

A natural diamond is a crystallized carbon structure that is formed beneath the earth's surface over millions (or sometimes billions) of years under the perfect conditions of heat and pressure. The diamonds are brought to the surface during natural events (like volcanic eruptions) and then mined from the land.

We have the most rare of crowns the Diamond Crown for a special title.  Miss Universe All-Star! This title comes with a Diamond shaped crown, a beautiful embroidered rhinestone encrusted sash.  If you are awarded the Miss Universe All Star Title for your age group there is a title fee of $295.99 ON SPECIAL! (Normal Price is $395.99) or $148.00 Down and the rest due within 30 days.  Applications are due BY: December 28, 2021 and winners announced December 31, 2021 3PM. Start the New Year right!  The This Is All Stars Team will choose which title will be awarded to you from, Miss Universe All Star, Miss Galactic All Star or Miss Celestial All Star. 


Each potential All Star will fill in the On-line form, submit her head and shoulders photo (the best photo you have) and answer all Interview Questions. If selected the Winner your Entire title fee is due or your $198.00 down. If selected An All Star Winner, you will receive the crown pictured, a Gorgeous Embroidered sash, with 4 row encrusted rhinestone border front to back and a Certificate for framing.  Your Crown and Sash will not be ordered until title fee is paid in full.  You are a rare triple threat like the diamond, and we are excited to see who will be representing This Is All Stars.  Duties include, promoting in a positive family friendly way This Is All Stars and events/contests associated. We will do Challenges that you should participate in. You will be able to do Appearances  This Is All Stars does require both crown and sash in all photos, videos, challenges, appearances and whenever representing All Stars.  We will supply you with PDF Guides to help you navigate your year. We can't wait to see who will Reign in this Prestigious Crown and Title!!!


Age Groups:

Little Miss Universe All-Star 4-6

Jr. Miss Universe All-Star 7-9

Pre-Teen  Miss Universe All-Star 10-12

Jr. Teen  Miss Universe All-Star 13-15

Teen  Miss Universe All-Star 16-18

Miss Universe All-Star 19-27

Mrs. Universe All-Star 21-49

Ms. Universe All-Star 21-49

Classic  Ms. Universe All-Star 50-70

Elite Ms.  Universe All-Star 71 & Up

Little Miss Galactic All-Star 4-6

Jr. Miss Galactic All-Star 7-9

Pre-Teen  Miss Galactic All-Star 10-12

Jr. Teen  Miss Galactic All-Star 13-15

Teen  Miss Galactic All-Star 16-18

Miss Galactic All-Star 19-27

Mrs. Galactic All-Star 21-49

Ms. Galactic All-Star 21-49

Classic  Ms. Galactic All-Star 50-70

Elite Ms.  Galactic All-Star 71 & Up

Little Miss Celestial All Star 4-6,   Jr. Miss Celestial All-Star 7-9,     Pre-Teen  Miss Celestial All-Star 10-12

Jr. Teen  Miss Celestial All-Star 13-15,    Teen  Miss Celestial All-Star 16-18,     Miss Celestial All-Star 19-27

Mrs. Celestial All-Star 21-49,   Ms. Celestial All-Star 21-49,    Classic  Ms. Celestial All-Star 50-70

Elite Ms.  Celestial All-Star 71 & Up