1. Titleholders/Contestants understand the All-Star Pageant Rules and Procedures are NON-NEGOTIABLE!

  2. Titleholder/Contestant must be a naturally born female.

  3. State Titlists must reside, go to school or hold property in the state in which she would like to represent.

  4. Titleholder/Contestant must be of the following age as of January 1st in the year of the Pageant:

    • 4 years of age and no older than 6 years of age to compete in the Little Miss division.

    • 7 years of age and no older than 9 years of age to compete in the Jr. Miss division.

    • 10 years of age and no older than 12 years of age to compete in the Preteen division.

    • 13 years of age and no older than 15 years of age to compete in the Jr. Teen division.

    • 16 years of age and no older than 18 years of age to compete in the Teen division.

    • 19 years of age and no older than 27 years of age to compete, and has never been married nor have children in the Miss division.

    • 21 years of age and no older than 49 to compete and is currently single or divorced, has children in the Ms. division. If never married no children and 21-27 you must choose the Miss Category.

    • 21 years of age and no older than 49 and currently legally married in the Mrs. division.

    • 50 years of age and no older than 70 years of age to compete, Marital Status may be married or single.

    • 71 years of age and Up years of age to compete, Marital Status may be married or single.

  5. Titleholder/Contestant or Contestants’ parents (if child is under 18 years of age) affirms that she (the titleholder/contest) is and will continue to be a person of good character.

  6. Titleholder/Contestant must have title crown and sash on for any photo representing her title and further must have crown and sash on during all appearances, challenges, and any representation of the title. 

  7. Titleholder/Contestant may not wear her title crown and sash with or as part of any costume, nor lend her title crown and sash for someone else to wear as a costume or part of a costume at any time of year. 

  8. Titleholder/Contestant and Contestant’s Supporters, Guests or Visitors, will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner at all times during any event, appearance or challenge. Bad sportsmanship is NOT tolerated and will be grounds for removal of Contestants title from the pageant without refund. It is your responsibility to know and understand as well as, follow the rules and procedures.

  9. Titleholder/Contestant promises not to slander the All-Star Pageant, its directors, peers, judges, volunteers or anyone else affiliated with the pageant.

  10. Titleholder/Contestant there is not a no compete clause but there is a clause about appearances and photos. A Titleholder may not appear at an event as one titleholder and change to another title at anytime during that appearance. Nor is a Titleholder to take photos in an outfit in several different titles at any time.

  11. Titleholder/Contestant and Contestants’ parents or legal guardians agree to abide by eligibility requirements and affirm that all information provided is true.

  12. Titleholder/Contestant and Contestants' Parent or Legal Guardian agrees to provide an original copy of her birth certificate to verify age and gender upon request.

  13. The All-Star Pageant has the right to refuse anyone entry into the the All-Star Pageants.

  14. Only one adult is permitted in any dressing room for All-Stars contestants/models/dancers/performers at any event produced by This Is All-Stars or Miss Tourism Pageant Productions and Events.

  15. No males are allowed in dressing rooms at anytime – not even fathers. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  16. Although smoking is not prohibited for those who are of legal age, Titleholder/Contestants are requested not to smoke in public areas, never in the All-Star Crown and Sash, Never prior to an event or seen leaving an event. Be the Role Model. 

  17. Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed by any underage Titleholder/Contestant at anytime and adults please be responsible. At no time will any Titleholder/Contestant be seen consuming alcoholic beverages in her crown and sash or at any appearance or event by This Is All-Stars.

  18. Drugs are not allowed – period.

  19. Titleholder/Contestants' MUST abide by all rules. Parents of any contestant not observing all rules will be contacted and the Titleholder/Contestant could have her title taken without refund.

  20. Miss All-Star Pageants is not responsible for addresses input incorrectly, if a re-ship must occur there will be an additional charge.

  21. Contestants must be of good character and that will not cause any problems or disputes for the Miss All-Star pageant Event. 

  22. Titleholder/Contestant is required to attend any appearance they have agreed to no excuse will be accepted. No Excuse will be accepted. Our Reputation as well yours is at stake. Do what you say you will do. We expect no less.

  23. Titleholder/Contestant is required to submit a title fee for appointed titles if selected as winner. We suggest you take your time when filling in the online form, your interview questions and submitting the best photo you have. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant. 

  24. This Is All Stars is family friendly. We expect social media to be clean so clean a four year old can see it and a ten year old can read it without having to worry her older role model has something on her page that is less than family friendly.  Be aware that Jobs, Colleges, and Event Planners scourer the internet to review your social media account which could prohibit future success, if you post or allow posts from others. Clean up your social pages and do not allow friends to send inappropriate content. 

  25. All Queens/Contestants are expected to carry out duties throughout the competition and their one year's reign. Attending events and publicizing This Is All-Stars and title. We expect our winners to be good role models and representatives our pageant with style, grace and kindness. We understand with COVID appearances it can be difficult we have created many ways for you to be visible and represent.  We require one appearance or challenge per month. We further require one video per month, content will be in your PDF. Video must be able to be downloaded to us. Photos must be placed in a Facebook album and tag us in the entire album. Make sure you have a facebook account or one you can use in order to get your visibility to us.  

  26. Titleholders/Contestants certify and agrees All-Stars and its affiliates have permission to use their photographs and video footage for publicity purposes.

  27. Titleholders pageant crown and sash will only be ordered once the final payment has been made. Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.  

  28. We are not responsible for vendor or postal delays. Please be patient. 

  29. If you lose or damage your crown and or sash it must be replaced and paid for by the contestant. Please contact us and you can purchase a new one in this case. 

  30. All Fees are Non Refundable, non transferrable for any reason, up to an including death. Not if you win another pageant that does carry a non-compete clause. NO Refunds and No Transfer of Fees.  Once your entrance fee has been paid, you are able to drop out at any time, but you WILL NOT receive a refund.