Are you represented?

Is it possible to land a gig without representation? The short answer is YES. It makes it a lot more difficult. You are then required to contact, submit and land jobs on your own.

You can make things easier on yourself here are some tips you need to know before you submit. Please, please be sure your photos head and shoulders photos are up to date and current. Submitting photos that do not look you now can hurt your opportunities. You should never submit old outdated photos. All-Stars has a list of approved photographers we recommend to get the best head shots possible, the best modeling portfolio or the best band photos. This is clearly the number one must do.

Ensure your work history is up-to-date (and be honest!) and relevant media is uploaded properly. Be reachable! Contact information that’s current and an e-mail address you check regularly are musts. You will lose work if you are screening calls and not answering. Sometimes a great job comes up last minute and if you are ready to step in, this could lead to more work.

Know what type of modeling you want to do. Runway, Print, Commercial, Corporate, Fitness or Parts. Then when a job appears read all information about the job and only apply IF YOU


There is a fifty fifty split when it comes to; Should I take classes. There is no harm in honing any skill. Getting comfortable with your talents. An uncomfortable model in front of a camera, or on a runway can frustrate a photographer or event planner who does not have the time to train you. Good News! You can receive the training needed through This Is All-Stars.

Be prepared before submitting or showing up to an open call, know everything you could need for both. It is terrible to sit down to do a submission, only to find you don't have what you need for that submission. Open calls often require specific materials or dress codes, so know what they want to see before you arrive. Often they will want to see your portfolio, or comp card. Check our blog for more information on Modeling.

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