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Updated: Jan 12

Here we will share recent ON-LINE EVENTS, contests, shows, bookings, shout outs, information, and class grads all right here. You will learn just how to shine your own star, being you!

You will be able to share your own video for on-line shows when called upon.

I'm not sure if you know this but becoming a star is hard, hard work. Here in the All-Star Blogs you can learn how to navigate. We will share some hacks and show you how to put yourself in a position to be a sought after talent.

Get the lights and the camera's ready for your action.

All-stars are not going to wait for a director because after-all This Is All-Stars! We create our own FAME we will make our own rules. One way we do this is through Influencing. Now the world does not really need another FAKE Influencer. We are looking for a genuine something special content sharing Influencer. Together we will help create that with you. Image creation is paramount in your influence taking off. So stop by here often to learn when things come up for you to a Star through online video, Live casts, or showcase something else.

We will help you launch your Influence Brand. But trust me when I say we can make it happen if you can put the work in.

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