The All Stars Virtual Pageant

With the fear of Covid, and new variants, we decided to launch our All-Star Pageants

Virtually. Our winners would represent This Is All-Stars, her title and her peers for the upcoming year. The All-Star Royals not only receive her gorgeous Star crown or Diamond Crown she also, received a gorgeous custom made sash with 4 row encrusted rhinestones front only, from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 she will also be placed on site with her portfolio of 25 photos and up to 3 video performances, she will be included in our shows online, live and recorded.

We do not have a non compete claus. But, we do have rules for multi titled queens and appearances.

Global, International, America, Queens will receive training/PDF Booklets on appearances, challenges, photo posting and video placement. They also receive "Visibility is Expected, learn how to become visible for your whole year" "The Art of Self Promotion", "You Better Learn to Sell" and "People Skills"

For Universe, Galactic and Celestial queens they also will receive along with the above listed, 4 row encrusted rhinestones on their sashes both sides front to back. "I could be an Influencer" PDF the development and execution of your empire. "Self Promoting The Influencer" the many ways they can use their title to create an influencer site and monetize.

Your year can be as busy as you would like. We do not force our queens to do anything. Although, it is expected, after-all isn't that why you choose an active title? We are so excited to see our All-Stars show the whole world what World Class All-Stars is. Because, that is what the new Inaugural All-Star Queens Are World Class.

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